From Luxe Grape Bunches to Single-Serve Olive Pouches

 - Aug 14, 2017
These examples of fresh produce packaging range from single-serve olive pouches to luxury-minded grape bunches. While Ruby Roman's grape bunches -- a lavish produce offering from Japan -- successfully combines premium ingredients with food-preserving packaging, Oloves' seasoned olives are ideal for on-the-go enjoyment and are a healthy alternative to processed snacks.

Other notable examples of fresh produce packaging include Excelsior's on-the-go meal pouches, which are handy for transporting freshly cut fruit or veggie slices, along with Truly Good Foods' 'My Salad Bar' topping kits, which consist of seeds, and nuts that give fresh salads a quick and easy flavor boost.

Ready-made produce jars, and nutritious baby baskets round off this list and speak to consumers' growing desire for healthy food options that are conveniently packaged. These examples strive to appeal to busy commuters, as well as those looking to cut meal prep time without sacrificing nutrition.