These Grabbo Salad Boxes Encourage Consumers to Open, Toss and Shake

Knowing that many consumers are extremely pressed for time when it comes to preparing food, ready-made food kits and salad boxes such as these ones from Grabbo Salads are being created with an emphasis on ease.

The Grabbo Salads comes in varieties like Honey Mustard Egg, Veg Caesar and Chicken Caesar, all of which boast just a few simple, yet flavorful, ingredients that are rich in protein. To call out the ease of enjoying these grab-and-go salads, Grabbo Salads includes a three-step set of instructions that encourages consumers to open the package, toss in the salad dressing and toppings and shake the salad box in order to combine the assorted ingredients.

These DIY salad kits do most of the work for consumers, appealing to those who adopt a "do-it-for-me" mentality.