- Nov 27, 2016
The top November 2016 branding ideas include a number of globally inspired concepts, as well as those that experiment with familiar forms and retargeted demographics to appeal to entirely new audiences.

There is plenty of inspiration to be had all across the world, as exemplified in the branding for MAST's city-inspired chocolate collections, BCT Baancha's Thai fruit teas and Trini Pepper Sauce, which offers a taste of the Caribbean. When it comes to packaging, brands like Puro and Winc exaggerate the designs of familiar forms to create entirely new vessels for flavorful beverages like water and wine.

Some of the most interesting examples of ordinary offerings being retargeted at completely different demographics include San Benedetto's mineral water for babies and CoverGirl announcing influencer James Charles as its first-ever CoverBoy.

From Global Streetwear Partnerships to Wooden Tea Chests: