This Olive Oil Packaging Features Writing That is Read Backwards

 - Oct 24, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
These olive oil bottles perfectly mix ancient inspirations with modern design for a visually appealing product.

The olive oils are called 'Tihasi' -- named after a tamed olive tree in ancient Greek -- and are offered by the brand 'Kortis.' The company enlisted the creative agency '' to design branding for its new olive oil bottles and the resulting product is able to drastically stand out when compared to its competitors. The glass bottles are painted black and corked shut, while white typography covers their entirety. The typography is written in the form of the ancient scripture of Gortina and true to this scripture, it is meant to be read from right to left.

These olive oil bottles are able to fuse contemporary design with an historic inspiration to produce a product that is vastly different in aesthetics than any other of its kind.