This Collection of Brownies is Suited for People with Dietary Restrictions

 - Oct 17, 2016
References: middaystudio & packagingoftheworld
These raw chocolate brownies come in a variety of dynamic flavors and are made in a way that does not have a severe impact on the environment.

Called '100% Natural,' the collection of brownies was packaged by the creative agency 'Midday Studio.' The desserts are made with raw chocolate, which is chocolate that is produced with as little processing as possible. The collection offers flavors that include raw cocoa and goji & acai berry -- and the raw chocolate brownies are free of lactose, gluten and refined sugar. The vegan desserts were made with "sustainably sourced ingredients and produced using renewable energy."

These minimally packaged raw chocolate brownies are excellent for the health-conscious consumer who may have dietary restrictions and prefers that the food they consume is as sustainable as possible.