This Candle Branding Emphasizes the Product's Soothing Qualities

The New Zealand-based brand 'The Treasury of Candles' offers luxury candles that were designed by the creative agency 'Afterhours' in London, England.

The candles each come in semi-transparent glass jars with gold lids as well as gold labeling. The labeling comes in the form of a simple image of a candelabra and the name of the brand. The luxury candles are packaged in sophisticated black boxes and what differentiates one scent from another are the color-coded ribbons that are used to decorate the boxes. Inserts inside the candles feature sophisticated color gradients and brief outlines of the various notes in the scents of the candles.

These luxury candles ensure that they emphasize the use of candles to enhance any experience, while still offering a simple, minimalist aesthetic.