The Mr. Tail Cream Cocktail Branding Plays with Fowl Imagery

 - Oct 11, 2016
References: & packageinspiration
Playing with the very name of the product itself, the Mr. Tail cream cocktails take the imagery of a rooster (or cock) and turn it into a distinguished gentleman. Designed by Gökçe Düzgün, the Mr. Tail branding is witty, approachable and somewhat upscale in order to appeal to consumers seeking a bottled cocktail that suits their style preferences.

The packaging for Mr. Tail features each individual cocktail flavor packaged in a glass bottle, emblazoned with a label and then sealed at the top with a wax finish. This helps to enhance the somewhat artisanal aesthetic of the Mr. Tail cream cocktail packaging and branding in order to call to mind libations of yesteryear.

Aside from the bottle packaging, the Mr. Tail branding efforts also consist of small crates for the various sizes of cocktails available as well as coasters, bags and more.