JRINK Juicery Cold-Pressed Fresh Juices are Minimally Branded

 - Oct 8, 2016
References: designarmy & thedieline
Fresh juices that have been cold-pressed are boasted to be one of the best ways to quickly obtain plant-based nutrients, which the JRINK Juicery products put front and center.

The packaging for the JRINK Juicery is the conceptual design work of Design Army and aims to put the ingredients of the product on display rather than cluttering the bottle with information. As such, only the word "JRINK' is clearly visible against the backdrop of that particular bottle's ingredient color. This helps to reinforce the revitalizing nature of the product and help make it intriguing for a person to pick up a bottle of.

The JRINK Juicery cold-pressed fresh juices branding also consists of shipping boxes that are kept stark white in order to keep purity and tranquility a top notion.