From Detoxifying Charcoal Lattes to Beauty-Boosting Soda Beverages

 - Apr 25, 2017
These drinkable beauty aids range from detoxifying charcoal lattes to beauty-boosting sodas that dispel negative stereotypes associated with most carbonated beverages. While consumers' morning rituals are getting more health-conscious -- thanks to custom coffee blends that feature superfoods like turmeric, reishi and chaga mushrooms and even algae -- sparkling juices and sodas are changing shape with probiotic ingredients that aid with digestion, while purifying one's body.

When it comes to vegetables that are making a splash in the world of drinkable beauty, standouts include beets and artichokes which can not only be found in nourishing milks, smoothies and juices, but also in flavored waters that boast detoxifying properties. While Canada's Greenhouse Juice offers a beet-based milk blend with a natural maple sweetener, A+ Artichoke Water is inspired by Mediterranean diet staples and is a natural energy booster for those on the go.

Rounding off this list of drinkable beauty aids are collagen-boosting drink powders and even alcoholic options like gin spirits that feature anti-aging properties when consumed.