Leap Smoothies are Able to Make a Diverse Range of Breakfasts

 - Sep 26, 2016
References: leapsmoothies & packagingoftheworld
These powdered smoothie flavorings are able to diversity people's breakfasts and snacks in a way that is both convenient and nutritious.

Called 'Leap Smoothies,' the mixtures come in individual packets with three different flavors -- a red, a green and a blue. The powdered smoothies are packed with healthy ingredients, including hemp, goji berry, pea protein, apple, kale, chlorella, pumpkin, beet juice, pumpkin seeds and many more. The fruit and vegetable packs can be added to milk or water, can be made into a smoothie if coupled with bananas or can be sprinkled onto breakfast bowls with yogurt, granola or cereal.

These powdered smoothie mixtures work to add a diverse range of flavors and concentrated healthy ingredients for a boost in the morning or throughout the day.