- Aug 29, 2017
These beetroot flavor innovations range from beet-based milkshakes to romantic deviled egg recipes that embrace the superfood's gorgeous aesthetic. Known for their detoxifying and skin-brightening properties, beets have been a popular beauty secret for decades and have since become a go-to ingredient among food and beverage brands looking to target health-conscious consumers.

Used to create everything from cold-pressed juices and post-workout shots, to pink-hued cookies and Instagram-friendly lattes, this ingredient is one that seamlessly marries aesthetics with nutrition.

Some standouts to note include The Kitchn's beetroot pesto recipe which is a vegan alternative to traditional pastes which feature cheese. Additionally, New York bar Mace's perfume-inspired signature cocktail is not only a tasty best-seller, but also features beet juice as a key ingredient.

From Beet-Based Milkshakes to Romantic Deviled Egg Recipes: