This Drinkable Yogurts are Designed Specially for Kids and Infants

 - Nov 1, 2016
References: stonyfield
These organic yogurt pouches come in easy-to-access containers that function as a cross between standard yogurt packaging and a bottle.

The loose yogurt packs feature a screw-on top that allows those consuming the food to drink straight from the package, or pour it out into a bowl. The organic yogurt pouches are non-GMO, made with real fruit, contain live active cultures, omega 3's, DHA and EPA. The yogurts come with dynamic flavors that are healthy for infants, children and adults alike to eat. While they come in standard vanilla and blueberry flavors, the pouches also feature flavors that are more unique including a strawberry beet berry and a pear spinach mango.

These nutritious yogurts are packaged to appeal to parents of young children and are conveniently designed for on-the-go consumption.