These Plant-Based Sugar Alternatives Replace Refined Sugar

 - Apr 14, 2017
As many consumers are now looking to reduce or cut out refined sugars from their diets, they are seeking healthier sugar alternatives that are plant-based.

While stevia is one of the most popular sugar substitutes, many are put off by its strong aftertaste. As such, SweetLeaf is a brand that offers liquid stevia drops in favorite flavors like Pumpkin Spice, Caramel and Berry. Similarly, Norbu's low-calorie natural sugar alternative is made with a base of monk fruit and emphasizes that it leaves no bitter aftertaste.

Other noteworthy sugar alternatives are being made with everything from coconuts and apples to dates, barley and rice nectar. These refined sugar alternatives are offered in a wide range of forms, including single-use packets and larger containers that are better suited to at-home use and baking.