Madhava's Organic Cassava Syrup is a Natural Alternative to Sugar

Last summer, Madhava added a new product called Organic Cassava Syrup to its lineup of all-natural sweeteners. Fructose-free and packaged in a user-friendly squeeze bottle, the liquid sweetener is a simple alternative to refined sugar.

Madhava's Organic Cassava Syrup is an all-natural sugar alternative that can be used in both foods and beverages. The sweetener is made from cassava, which is a starchy tuber that is commonly found in Africa, Asia and South America. Madhava's cassava-based sweetener is made by mixing "cassava root starch with water, heating it, and then treating it with non-GMO enzymes to hydrolyze the starch into sugars." The result of this process is a fructose-free syrup that can be used as a natural alternative to sugar.