From Garden Highway Structures to Inked Pollution Murals

 - Apr 8, 2017
Neckties made from spider silk, blended fruit juices made from misshapen produce and jerky snack made from eggplants are among some of the top April 2017 eco design ideas.

Throughout these emerging eco design concepts, one of the most prevalent themes is a focus on offering more sustainable versions of commonly used products. Two of the most standout examples of this include Memphis Meats' cruelty-free, lab-grown chicken and Stone Brewing Full Circle Pale Ale, which is brewed with 100% wastewater.

To spread messages about the importance of caring for the environment, some unique outdoor campaigns are being created. Recently, Toyota installed an air-purifying billboard to advertise a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, while beer brand Tiger is sharing art across London that is made with Air-Ink, which is sourced from city pollutants.