The 'Green Circle' Balances the Offset of Highway Roads in Urban Areas

 - Mar 29, 2017
References: yankodesign
Urban areas need highway roads in order to aid transportation and shipping but are often detrimental to the environment in more ways than one. The 'Green Circle' is intended to be a way to offset their negative qualities and offer a haven for birds and greenery to flourish.

The 'Green Circle' works almost like a highway overpass that would be constructed vertically in order to work as a multifunctional hub for a number of different purposes. It would house a variety of different greenery plants, absorb solar energy, offer a space for birds to nest and even capture rainwater for utilization by nearby infrastructure. This makes the 'Green Circle' a beautiful and functional installation that could transform urban areas for the better.

The conceptual 'Green Circle' is the design work of Xian-Rong Lin.