From Chessboard Flower Holders to Circus-Inspired Ring Lights

 - May 27, 2017
Design is a diverse field, and the May 2017 design trends show just how varied different artists and designers can be with their work. From interior design to furniture to public spaces and more, designers are constantly finding ways to break the mold and expand beyond what's been made in the past.

Some design projects are just as much about art as they are about providing a functional product. Matteo Cibic's VasoNaso project, for example, ostensibly provided a vase each day, but the art of the endeavor was in designing a completely new vase concept every day for an entire year. 'The Human Trace' project also provided fired clayware, but its artistic side was in creating blue splotches on any surface that workers touched, giving those who own the pieces a visual demonstration of the industrial labor that went into them.