Matteo Cibic's VasoNaso Project Includes 365 Vases for Every Day of the Year

 - Apr 6, 2017
References: matteocibicstudio & dezeen
Many artists and creative folk find a particularly dreadful motivation in the structure provided by a deadline or schedule, and Italian designer Matteo Cibic imposed just such a rubric upon himself with his VasoNaso project. Beginning on January 1st, 2016 and running all the way through the year, Cibic took some time each day to design and create a new vase.

With such a large volume of production, VasoNaso includes significant variances between vases. However, most of the pieces still manage to have stylistic unity thanks to Cibic's tendency to anthropomophize the works. For example, many of the pieces have nose-like protrusions, and one even has a distinct resemblance to a woman's figure.

The vases are all available to the first buyer through Cibic's website, and 30 select works from the series are currently on display at Milan design week.