- Mar 26, 2017
2017 March home trends reveal innovations in both functional home products, as well as those in home architecture itself.

Ruggie was designed to combat the issue that many people face when waking up in the morning – hitting their snooze button too often or sleeping through their alarm all together. The product is an alarm clock that comes in the form of a soft foot rug. In the morning, the alarm clock goes off at a pre-determined time and owners can only turn it off by getting out of bed and stepping on it.

With the intensely hot and humid climates in many regions across Asia, architects in countries like Vietnam have conceived of a new way to create buildings and homes in order to keep them as cool as possible. This new form of constructing residences is called 'bioclimatic architecture' and could save individuals and businesses money by reducing their need for air conditioning.

From Alarm Clock Rugs to Bioclimatic Architecture: