'T3 Architecture Asia' Has Developed a Green Method of Keeping Cool

 - Feb 14, 2017
References: t3architecture-asia.vn & cnn
T3 Architecture Asia is based in both Vietnam and France and has developed a new series of architectural designs that can go without air-conditioning.

In many subtropical Asian countries, air-conditioning is almost a requirement due to the excessive heat and humid climates in these regions. To help individuals avoid the costs associated with air conditioning, T3 Architecture Asia specializes in "bioclimatic architecture," which uses regional "topography, climate and vegetation" to its advantage. The firm is able to create comfortable indoor temperatures with features such as "covered open-air corridors, ventilated roofs, fiber-glass insulation and the use of natural materials."

Aside from lower costs, the benefits of such strategically designed architecture are that those residing within remain comfortable and safe, and its long term effect is that as urban populations rise -- excessive energy and water consumption due to intense heat will not rise as quickly with them.