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Providing a place for comfort, rest and relaxation, home is often the go-to place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Highlighting changes and developments around interior aesthetics, structural design and customized living, Trend Hunter’s home category tracks all the latest developments happening in and around the home.
Palm Oil Byproduct-Based Furniture
Palm Oil Byproduct-Based Furniture
Nataša Perković Delivers the Recilaimed Oil Palm Collection
Embracing the concept of sustainability—a principle that is crucial for companies, designers, and architects to adopt—Nataša Perković debuts a furniture collection made from palm oil byproduct,... MORE
Glamping Tiny House Rentals
Glamping Tiny House Rentals
This Zero Squared Tiny House is Available for Rent on Airbnb
This Zero Squared tiny house is available from the Canada-based company to offer travelers with a way to enjoy the benefits of a compact living space for a short while when enjoying the majesty of... MORE
In-Apartment Self-Service Shops
In-Apartment Self-Service Shops
Impulsify is Adding Grab-and-Go Solutions to Communal Spaces
There’s a need for different retail solutions to support the new normal and Denver-based retail tech company Impulsify is introducing self-service shops to six apartment communities. With... MORE
Expandable Modular Homes
Expandable Modular Homes
Module's Home Designs are Designed to Adapt and Grow
Like its inhabitants, the needs of a home will change over time and Module is a startup that helps to address this with its expandable modular homes. Usually, if there’s space available, the... MORE
Plastic-Free Household Cleaners
Plastic-Free Household Cleaners
OceanSaver's Plant-Based Pods are Wrapped in Dissolvable Film
Conventional household cleaners that are packaged in plastic bottles are usually made with a base of water and OceanSaver offers an alternative to wasteful product streams with its plant-based,... MORE
Lush Pointed Roof Houses
Lush Pointed Roof Houses
Studio Saxe Designs a Dramatic Home in a Remote Part of Costa Rica
This pointed roof house is the epitome of dramatically elegant. Designed with contemporary sensibilities in mind and located in the Santiago area outside of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, the striking... MORE
Ultra-Colorful Bilbao Apartments
Ultra-Colorful Bilbao Apartments
Azab Coordinated a Chromatic Dream for Two Best Friends
Local design studio Azab redecorated a Bilbao apartment within a 1970s residential block to match the style sensibilities of modern times. A young woman and her best friend will be living in the... MORE
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in May
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in May
From Japanese Philosophy Floors to Upcycled Umbrella Bags
These May 2020 art and design trends explore and push the boundaries of creativity by investigating new perspectives and cultural art from all around the world. One of the standout concepts that has... MORE
Brands are emphasizing the use of carbon dioxide as an ingredient in CPG products
Trend - Using CO2 in products and services is known as "Carbon Capture and Utilization" (CCU) and one of the main benefits of this process is that it reduces CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. As a result, brands are finding ways to call attention to their eco-friendly practices by advertising carbon dioxide as an ingredient in their offerings. This is being adopted in the world of cleaning and personal care products, as well as the beverage and food category.
Workshop Question - How can you supercharge the eco-friendly aspect of your product/service?
Buildable Art Sets
Buildable Art Sets
The LEGO Art Series Appeals to Pop Culture-Loving Adults
The new LEGO Art series consists of four nostalgic sets that help Millennials welcome buildable pieces of pop culture into their homes. The art sets were created through official collaborations with... MORE
Hobbyist IoT Platforms
Hobbyist IoT Platforms
Quantum Integration's IoT Platform Gives Electronic Hobbyists More Control
While the majority of smart home systems are designed to be user-friendly enough for the average person to use, Quantum Integration is distinguishing itself by introducing the first IoT platform... MORE
Flexible Ownership Apartments
Flexible Ownership Apartments
Rhove's Model Gives Apartment Renters a Stake in the Building
Rhove offers an alternative to buying or renting a place of residence that promises to be particularly appealing to young adults. The start-up reimagines renters as stakeholders, recognizing that... MORE
Rock Climbing-Inspired Staircases
Rock Climbing-Inspired Staircases
Deferrari+Modesti Develops a Feature for a Dynamic Household
Interior design studio Deferrari+Modesti has facilitated a playful dynamic household aesthetic by incorporating a cheeky, multi-functional staircase that fits well into the lifestyle of the sports-... MORE
Top 40 Home Trends in June
Top 40 Home Trends in June
From Handheld Allergen Vacuums to Virtual Open Houses
The June 2020 home category highlights some helpful tools for one’s home—from RAYCOP’s RS Pro handheld allergen vacuum to Nikki Alagha’s storage-hiding mirror, as well as some... MORE
Modern Smart Nightstands
Modern Smart Nightstands
Comet Home's Next-Gen Nightstand Alleviates Morning & Evening Stress
Comet Home is preparing to release its new smart nightstand on Indiegogo, introducing a useful addition to the bedroom that has the potential to alleviate stress both morning and night. The smart... MORE
Adaptive Spoon Utensils
Adaptive Spoon Utensils
Parsons' Weighted Comfort Grip Spoon Ensures a Supportive Grip
The Parsons Weighted Comfort Grip Spoon is an adaptive utensil that is designed to make the everyday activity of eating more comfortable for those suffering from hand tremors or health conditions... MORE
Upright Carpet Cleaners
Upright Carpet Cleaners
The Hoover SmartWash PET Tackles Dirt, Stains & More
When the original Hoover SmartWash was introduced, it made the task of cleaning carpets as easy as vacuuming and now Hoover is introducing the SmartWash PET Complete Automatic Carpet Cleaner with... MORE
Touch-Free Bathroom Solutions
Touch-Free Bathroom Solutions
Gaberit Boasts Infra-Red and Touchless Design for the Bathroom
The COVID-19 pandemic has made consumers wary of what they come in contact with and since many place emphasis on the need for frequent sanitation and smart design, things like touch-free bathrooms... MORE
Modular Home-office Furniture Systems
Modular Home-office Furniture Systems
Mutabor Debuts the Branded Home Office For Employees
To help employees work from home more efficiently amid the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, German home design company, Mutabor, recently debuted a new modular furniture system, titled ‘The... MORE
Iceberg-Inspired Sofa Designs
Iceberg-Inspired Sofa Designs
Fnji's Iceberg Sofa Focuses on Global Warming and Awareness
We live in a day and age where design is used as an expressive tool to advocate for a belief—the Iceberg Sofa by furniture brand Fnji, for example, is focused on “giving voice to the... MORE
Top 40 Home Trends in May
Top 40 Home Trends in May
From Minimalist Flat-Pack Chair Designs to Open-Air Rooftop Homes
The May 2020 home trends are buzzing as many individuals are confined at home due to the outbreak of COVID-19. While some are looking for ways to better organize their home to meet demand—the AD-... MORE
Stylish Anti-Microbial Rugs
Stylish Anti-Microbial Rugs
KORHANI Home Debuts the New 'Safe at Home' Anti-Microbial Rug Series
KORHANI home, an iconic Canadian lifestyle brand beloved for its demure and affordable products, recently launched a new line of anti-microbial rugs, appropriately titled, ‘Safe at Home.’... MORE
Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
The House of Noa's NamaMats Take the Pressure Off Feet & Lower Limbs
The NamaMat collection from The House of Noa shares anti-fatigue floor mats that help to relieve foot and lower limb pressure when standing for long periods of time. NamaMats were created for... MORE
Circular Camping Cabin Pods
Circular Camping Cabin Pods
The Conceptual 'Lara' Glamping Pod Offers Comfy Amenities
The conceptual ‘Lara’ glamping pod has been designed by Damijan Koprivc as a luxurious setting for those who want to get outside and enjoy time in nature without leaving the luxuries of... MORE
Compact Co-Living Houses
Compact Co-Living Houses
Swing Boasts a Contemporary Home in Osaka That Can Houses Eight People
Due to urban density and issues of affordability, many city dwellers flock to compact co-living houses as solutions. As a result, an architectural focus is placed on functional dwellings that can... MORE