The Ove Smart Toilet Offers Automatic Sanitation Features

 - Feb 6, 2017
References: ovedecors & costco
The Ove Smart Toilet claims to be the best on the market and offers a myriad of functions for individuals who enjoy luxury experiences in the comfort of their own home.

The toilet's functions include features such as heated seating, warm flowing water and air drying – ensuring that those who use it remain as sanitary as possible. Due to its "sanitarily advanced" system, the Ove Smart Toilet eliminates the need for toilet paper or wet wipes – as its jets of water and drying features ensure that the user remains clean. The toilet's water pressure and temperature can be adjusted, it has a built-in memory system, anti-bacterial seating and different settings for heat, water temperature and the dryer temperature.

The Ove Smart Toilet is ideal for people who would like to add convenience to their time in the bathroom.