From Diagnosis Devices to Dementia Communication Systems

 - Jun 8, 2017
These health aids ensure that aging consumers are able to maintain goals regarding their fitness, stay safe at home, communicate with loved ones, and in the unfortunate event of an accident, contact emergency services.

An example of the latter is the 'Kytera,' a monitoring system that can be worn on one's wrist. As the device comes equipped with sensors, it can detect when consumers are in distress and send help right away. In addition, the device does not require an Internet connection to work, as it makes use of indoor GPS technology that allows emergency services to see exactly where the wearer is so that they can react more quickly.

Another innovation that's included in this cluster of health aids is the CarePredict Tempo, an aesthetically pleasing senior-focused tracker that looks more like a piece of statement jewelry than a multi-functional fitness device. In addition to monitoring one physical activity, the tracker looks at sleeping patterns and daily eating habits so that concerns can be addressed early on and prevent issued down the road.