DECO Menomelt is a Dark Chocolate That Offers Menopausal Support

 - Apr 16, 2015
References: well & platinumnaturals
DECO Menomelt is a menopause relief supplement in the form of delicious dark chocolate. The innovative product is boosted by the inclusion of Eucommia and Mung Bean in order to counteract declining estrogen levels in women facing menopause.

DECO Menomelt is apart of DECO's line of Real Food Vitamins, which also includes a blueberry dark chocolate multivitamin, a milk chocolate children's vitamin and a dark chocolate adult multivitamin.

By marketing health products that taste and look like indulgent treats, companies take the "pain is beauty" element out of the self-care regimen and making it something enjoyable. In this way, nutritional supplement brands can extend their reach to include those who do not self-identify as a healthy lifestyle champion by making it more accessible.