From Digital Pill Dispensers to Brain-Boosting Mobile Apps

 - Jun 14, 2016
These examples of boomer health tracking range from digitized medication reminders to brain-boosting mobile apps that are designed to improve memory and sharpness among aging populations. In addition to health-focused mobile platforms that boost brain functions through competitive gaming strategies, other standouts include mindfulness-focused platforms that encourage meditation as a solution for anxiety, stress or other pressures.

While examples like the MindSurf applet users access relaxation tips and techniques anywhere, Lululemon's branded podcasts show listeners how to engage in guided meditation while at home.

When looking at popular fitness wearables, simplistic health trackers and medication-reminding devices are popular among aging consumers thanks to their simple and straight-forward design. Some standouts include Malvin Gonzales' Glucowear device -- a non-invasive wearable designed to track blood sugar levels -- and HeadScan, a wearable device that monitors users' mental health by measuring the movement of one's jaw.