The 'Life Capsule' Pill Box Tweets to Remind You to Take Your Meds

Toronto-based start-up Life Capsule has invented a pill box that tweets at you when you need to take your medication, or if a loved one needs a gentle reminder to take theirs.

The Life Capsule pill box comes with an app that can be used to program medication schedules. The pill box stores this information and sends out reminder tweets at the chosen time intervals. Anyone who ‘follows’ it will automatically receive reminders that medication needs to be taken, as well as confirmations when the medication has been taken.

The team members behind Life Capsule say the idea came from their own absent-mindedness when it came to taking medications, as well as the concerns over their parents’ and grandparents’ poor pill-taking behavior.

In the future, Life Capsule may partner with pharmacy chains and sell subscriptions to their service to doctors and caregivers.