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Focusing on a generation born before the era of the Internet and social media, Trend Hunter’s boomers category is here to shed some light on how aging consumers are spending their time. Showcasing trends surrounding baby boomer lifestyle, health and wellness and technology, this category will highlight everything you need to know about aging consumers.
Boomer-Specific Creative Interships
Boomer-Specific Creative Interships
Thrive@55 is an 8-Week Fully-Paid Internship at Thinkerbell
According to a recent study, only 5% of ad agency employees across the globe are over the age of 50, with the media age sitting at 38, and to combat this, one forward-facing agency is challenging... MORE
Connected Home Calendars
Connected Home Calendars
Skylight Debuted a Schedule-Synchronizing Calendar Just in Time for Fall
With the busy back to school season upon, Skylight is making it easy for families to keep track of their schedules with its revolutionary new connected home calendar. The Skylight Calendar boasts a... MORE
Collagen-Promoting Skincare
Collagen-Promoting Skincare
Glotrition Supports a Glowing Complexion with Its Leading Skincare
Glotrition, a revolutionary new beauty wellness brand founded by Lisa Pineiro, recently launched a soon-to-be-iconic new skincare product, the Super Beauty Serum. The product works in conjunction... MORE
Post-Menopausal Skincare Concentrates
Post-Menopausal Skincare Concentrates
Korres' White Pine Meno-Reverse™ Formula Targets Aging
Korres’ Deep Wrinkle, Plumping + Age Spot Concentrate is a post-menopausal skincare remedy targeting sensitivity, uneven skin tone and deep lines and wrinkles. Aiming to restore skin’s... MORE
Collagen-Boosting Beauty Oils
Collagen-Boosting Beauty Oils
Olie Biologique and Melissa Meyers Teamed Up on a New Serum Product
Olie Biologique’s Golden Ray Glow Drops are an illuminating and collagen-boosting serum. The beauty oil was created in collaboration with Melissa Meyers, a beauty content creator and lifestyle... MORE
Outdoor Drive-In Movie Theatres
Outdoor Drive-In Movie Theatres
Cadillac Fairview is Unveiling Charitable Outdoor Movie Events
Cadillac Fairview Sherway Gardens recently announced the launch of an outdoor drive-in movie theatre, created in partnership with the City of Toronto’s DriveInTO initiative. For the following... MORE
Mature Hair Support Cosmetics
Mature Hair Support Cosmetics
The Hair Biology Collection Supports the Needs of Women Over 50
The Hair Biology collection has been unveiled by Procter & Gamble as a new range of haircare products that are formulated with the needs of mature women in mind to help keep them supported as... MORE
Menopause-Centric Community Features
Menopause-Centric Community Features
The Peanut App is Planning on Launching a New Digital Space
The Peanut app is a social network for women that has gained a large following and has been especially useful to many during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, the startup was able to raise $12... MORE
Senior Renaissance
Brands are launching apps & activations that contribute to senior independence
Trend - Companies are debuting solutions that are geared toward connecting older demographics. Whether for the purpose of finding love or embarking on a new career path, these initiatives keep participants engaged and active.
Workshop Question - How might you connect and empower an older demographic?
Hilarious Dad Joke Cards
Hilarious Dad Joke Cards
This Set of 300 “Dad Jokes” Includes Punny Yet Cringe-worthy Prompts
These hilarious Dad Joke cards are the perfect gift to give your father, a soon-to-be dad, or your significant other if they share the same “boomer humor” that is prevalent in these cards.... MORE
Wraparound Reading Glasses
Wraparound Reading Glasses
EyeWris' Flexible Eyewear Design Comfortable Wraps Around the Wrist
The founder and creator of Gorilla Glue is introducing a new flexible eyewear innovation called EyeWris that has the potential to keep people from constantly misplacing their reading glasses. The... MORE
Nourishing Mature Skincare
Nourishing Mature Skincare
SeeMe Beauty's Products are Specifically Formulated for Mature Skin
SeeMe Beauty is a new skincare line from Procter and Gamble and it’s entirely devoted to helping women over the age of 50 nourish, support and embrace their skin. As SeeMe co-founder Christi... MORE
Remote Learning In-Person Tutors
Remote Learning In-Person Tutors
The Zutor Concierge Helps Families work-and-learn-at-home
During the pandemic’s work-and-larn-at-home challenges, a new business was founded to help families cope with the current challenges parents face, the Zutor Concierge. The brand boasts highly-... MORE
play_circle_filled Insightful Menopause-Tracking Apps
Insightful Menopause-Tracking Apps
Caria Helps Users Track Their Menopause Symptoms
Tackling issues like hot flashes, waking in the middle of the night, and experiencing mood swings, Caria is a new menopause app that offers personalized insights about the challenges of adjusting to... MORE
Thickening Aging Hair Kits
Thickening Aging Hair Kits
Better Not Younger's Nourish + Restore Kit Includes its Scalp Serum
Believing that beauty is not defined by age, Better not Younger is a “haircare brand for women over 40 whose sense of confidence and beauty get better every day.” The company specializes... MORE
Menopausal Skincare Bundles
Menopausal Skincare Bundles
The Emepelle Serum & Night Cream Duo Rejuvenate and Rebalance Skin
The Emepelle Serum and Night Cream work together to repair, rejuvenate and rebalance skin that is affected by menopause. Centered around simplicity, the skincare brand aims to provide a seamless and... MORE
Priming Anti-Aging Moisturizers
Priming Anti-Aging Moisturizers
The Ere Perez Moringa All-beauty Crème Boasts "Star" Ingredients
The Ere Perez Moringa All-beauty Crème is a versatile anti-aging moisturizer that is lightweight and nourishing. Described as a “synergy of uniquely nutritious ingredients” that soothe... MORE
Cellular Nutrient Powders
Cellular Nutrient Powders
Mitopure Counters Age-Related Cellular Decline
Mitopure by Timeline Cellular Nutrition is a first-of-its-kind cellular nutrient that’s clinically proven to boost cellular function and improve muscle strength. Mitopure sets itself apart as... MORE
Communal Food Delivery Services
Communal Food Delivery Services
Zoomers to Boomers Helps Deliver Groceries to the Elderly
As citizens all over the world attempt to adapt to the current circumstances that is brought upon by the threat of the COVID-19 outbreak, a teenager launches ‘Zoomers to Boomers’ to... MORE
Boomer-Targeted Yoga Apps
Boomer-Targeted Yoga Apps
Yoga for Seniors & Adults is an App that Helps with Mobility
Yoga for Seniors & Adults is an app developed to help users increase their flexibility and mobility at levels that are suitable to their comfort. The stretches are specific for adults and seniors,... MORE
Hormone-Free Menopausal Relief
Hormone-Free Menopausal Relief
Bonafide's Product Delivers Relief from Hot Flashes & Night Sweats
Bonafide boasts a hormone-free menopausal relief supplement on a subscription basis. The product is geared toward those experiencing unbearable hot flashes and night sweats and its claims extend to... MORE
Optimistic Menopause Podcasts
Optimistic Menopause Podcasts
The ECHO's Menopod Explores Fashion, Sex, the Workplace, and More
The ECHO’s Menopod is a menopause podcast that is geared to “tackle puberty’s evil older sister one gin and tonic at a time.” The audio experience is a cheerful and... MORE
Free Remote Hearing Consultations
Free Remote Hearing Consultations
Eargo is Providing Provide Free Access to Hearing Professionals
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many brick-and-mortar businesses have had to pivot their business model to accommodate the new social distancing protocols, including hearing care center Eargo.... MORE
Independent Daily Check-In Apps
Independent Daily Check-In Apps
Snug Safety is an App That Helps People Living Alone Feel Secure
Snug Safety is a new app designed for those that are living alone to feel a sense of security. The daily check-in app can be easily integrated into their daily routine and involves pressing a big... MORE
Blood Flow-Stimulating Devices
Blood Flow-Stimulating Devices
The Joylux vFit Intimate Wellness Device is Quick and Effective
The Joylux vFit Intimate Wellness Device is an Ob-Gyn-designed product that is sold exclusively through doctors. Developed by Joylux, it is intended to help women stay healthy during the aging... MORE