From Geometric Landscape Wines to Boomer-Specific Electric Bikes

 - Dec 25, 2016
Potential gifts for boomers are vast in their possibilities, with everything from fitness and health related products to travel and alcoholic gifts available for this demographic to enjoy.

The 'La Sonrisa de Tares' wine would make an excellent gift due to its uniquely artistic design. The wine bottle's labeling would be of particular interest to those who enjoy art, as it comes in the form of abstract landscapes that represent the region from which the wine came.

The 'Evelop' is an electric bicycle that was designed specifically for individuals who are aged 50 or more. The electric abilities of the bike ensure that boomers who are looking to be active but want the option of lessening or increasing their activity are able to do so with a pedal mechanism that can handle both, while still being effectively speedy.