Round Refill Reminds Regular Pill Takers and Renews Prescriptions

 - Jul 7, 2016
References: & wired
Circadian Design, a health-focused tech startup, is using its new 'Round Refill' app to eliminate missed medications -- whether by a strep throat ridden office worker or an elderly person with several prescriptions to manage. The "smart pill bottle" and app combine to automatically set reminders, light-up alerts, and new prescription orders when necessary.

Round Refill comes with two pieces of hardware: a "smart coin" and a refill bottle. The smart coin contains a circuit board and LEDs that communicate with the app and light up as a reminder to take the pills. It attaches to the lid of the refill bottle, which itself contains a battery. The refill bottle is replaced monthly as part of Round Refill's service so that users never need to replace or charge the battery.

Round Refill takes care of the medication process by activating LED alerts when it's time to take a pill, pings the smartphone app whenever the refill bottle is opened and pills are taken, and orders a fresh prescription when the bottle is finished.