M&A Creative Agency Created a Luxuriously Styled Bottle for This Brand

In order to make Convento da Glória's quality of product more evident to consumers, M&A Creative Agency worked to design a gold-embossed label to go over its bottles.

A total of three different labels were made by the creative communications agency, with each working to connote the unique sense of taste each of the Portuguese wine brand's flavors carry. M&A Creative Agency does this by using a variety of colors, with a deep chocolate brown covering the background on one label, whereas others sport a rich turquoise and a rosy beige hue.

The gold-embossed features remain the same on the latter two, however the 'Reserva' label includes it a bit more minimally. The typography used by M&A Creative Agency does much the same as the patterns featured on the gold-embossed label -- all of which aim to make clear Convento da Glória's expansive history and its constant strive towards excellence.