From Devilish Energy Drinks to Narrative Mooncake Packaging

 - Oct 29, 2016
The most popular October 2016 food branding concepts explore a range of ideas that stress new levels of convenience, ease of use and enjoyment. Some of the best examples of this include packaging designs that fold down and transform into serving trays, products that are paired with companion snacks and systems like Excelsior's on-the-go pouches, which provide a portion-controlled snack with a fork for eating.

At the same time there's a push to catch the eyes of health-conscious consumers with branding and packaging that conveys a wholesome product, there are a few examples that diverge from this by teasing indulgence with devils, grim reapers and other traditionally "bad" motifs.

Other noteworthy examples also include Millennial-targeted cafe branding, as well as seasoning kits that clearly emphasize that they are free from certain ingredients.