'Vertical Water' Introduces a Sustainably Tapped Maple Drink

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: thedieline
Vertical Water by Feronia Forests is a healthy maple water drink that's on a mission to nourish people and at the same time, promote forest conservation.

Although there are now a few maple water drinks on the market, some consumers are still unclear as to what makes this drink and its source unique. As such, when designing the packaging for this product, BRIGADE notes: "We addressed this educational lapse by showcasing the source on the front of the packaging with a graphic tree. By using refreshing shades of blue and illustrating the flowing water inside the tree, we were able to portray the bright and crisp taste of maple water on the nontransparent TetraPak carton."

Following the success of coconut water on the market, a number of alternative water products have appeared to offer consumers a unique way for consumers to enjoy flavor, hydration and other health benefits. A few of these examples include water products that have been derived from unusual sources like olives, artichokes and even cacti.