These 'Smily' Beans are Packaged in Playful Cans

 - Sep 27, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
Canned beans are a common household item in kitchens around the world and the design agency 'Gordost' created packaging in the hopes that it would offer a fresh perspective on how beans should be branded.

The packaging was designed for 'Smily' products and the cans come with different foods inside -- including corn, kidney beans, peas and navy beans. The Smily products are each packaged in small cans that feature imagery of a tin being opened to reveal the food inside. The branding looks similar to a smiling face, which is appropriate given the name of the food products.

These canned beans opt for a more playful design in order to stand out from others on the market and are successful in capturing the attention of consumers.