From Gourd-Shaped Rum Bottles to Anthropomorphic Canned Beans

 - Nov 27, 2016
With fall in full swing, the November 2016 packaging ideas reveal a strong emphasis on Halloween themes and anthropomorphic branding. Not only do these seasonal themes play into the consumer demand for holiday-oriented products, but they also help products stand out from competitors during different times of the year.

On the one hand, some brands have taken a more sinister approach to Halloween packaging with ghoulish themes and spooky graphics. For example, Burger King recently gave the packaging for its Chicken Fries a Halloween makeover with the addition of a skeletal chicken cartoon. Similarly, Müller dressed up its Müllermilch milk products with colorful one-eyed monsters that correspond to different flavors.

However, the November 2016 packaging trends also show that some brands are taking a more subtle approach to the Halloween season. Instead of channeling monsters and ghouls, many brands opt for anthropomorphic designs that make products come to life in an understated way. This approach has been used to market everything from canned beans to dog treats and even baby food.