These Wine Label Designs are Ornately Natural and Stylish

 - Oct 27, 2016
References: & packageinspiration
These wine label designs are emblazoned with the imagery of different animals to correlate the robust nature of the libation within the bottle to consumer. Wine is a drink traditionally consumed by older generations, but as demographics like Millennials experience a change in their taste preferences they're reaching for more mature options. As such, the need for packaging that speaks to these demographics in a more stylish way helps to create a connection that's based on lifestyle and design preferences.

The wine label designs observed here are the work of Tommy Tan and include a green dragon Malbec, the howl Merlot with the imagery of a wolf and the stag Pinot Noir with the head of a buck. Each one features a geometric aesthetic that makes them identifiable, chromatic and more suited towards the younger wine drinker.