- Jun 23, 2017
Many beverage companies have discovered that canned wines and cocktails are a great and portable way to store alcohol.

For awhile, canned alcoholic beverage had gone out of favor as they were seen as the less premium option to consumers and few would even consider serving wine in a can. Now, many beverage makers are bringing back the can and serving Millennial consumers fresh, new branding opportunities to accompany this revitalized packaging option.

For example, certain kinds of rosé and sparkling wine actually suit a can quite well. It preserves the flavor, keeps the drink cold and carbonated and a small Red Bull size can (as seen on Ruza's Rose) is the perfect serving size for a glass of wine or a cocktail. What was once a faux pas has become the ideal packaging for an of-the-moment beverage. Furthermore, beverage makers are able to use the can to deliver a hip, modern branding approach to their products.

From Dry Canned Sangria to Elegantly Canned Cocktails: