Lila Wines are a Beach-Friendly Option for Wine Drinkers

 - Jul 18, 2016
References: lilawines & skillet.lifehacker
If the local beach has a ban on glass, but a nice, chilled sauvignon blanc on the sand is too hard to pass up, Lila Wines' canned wine is the perfect solution. Beer drinkers no longer have a monopoly on beach alcohol, as the double serving cans make bringing wine to the beach easy.

Lila Wines' cans are slightly different from beer or soda cans. They are thicker and have an "increased internal coating" to handle the more delicate liquid, and every can is sealed by a "unique wine lid" to improve the mouthfeel straight from the can, according to Lila Wines' website. Despite these differences, the wine cans are still 100% recyclable.

As they say, "In vino veritas," but with the canned wine from Lila Wines, in cans there is truth.