- Jan 24, 2017
With many young consumers reaching for unique drinks that help them express their individual personality, brands have begun focusing their efforts on millennials-targeted alcohol branding that stands out on store shelves.

One of the ways that alcohol brands are setting their products apart is by opting for a 'less is more' strategy. Indeed, minimalist designs continue to impress millennials who appreciate clean lines and simple graphics that will complement their equally sharp Instagram feeds. Some examples of this approach include the geometric Switch House beer cans, the Lighthouse Brewing Company's nautical beer branding and the Swansea Brew Club's color-coded bottles.

Beyond what's on the label, millennials consumers are also interested in the format of their favorite drink. For instance, slim cans, such as those used by Crabbie's and the Kings of Midnight Brewery, are popular among consumers who want a lighter and more refreshing alternative to a tallboy can. Similarly, uniquely shaped bottles, such as medicine-style glass bottles, are an example of millennials-targeted alcohol branding that appeals to the demographic's sense of nostalgia.

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