These Origami Champagne Cartons Creatively Redress the Drink

 - May 22, 2015
References: & packagingoftheworld
It's unexpected that these origami champagne packages should look so whimsical, since the nature of the product inside is typically considered quite elegant. Graceful curves and smooth lines have been replaced in this design by an irregular surface of triangles, providing texture and creating a deeper sense of formal intrigue.

A playfulness is present in Jessica Sjöstedt's concept work on Devout Champagne, printed in the form of colorful inks and draw-string closures. White ties cause the upper openings to cinch, and the papery material buckles easily thanks to its existing geometric creases.

Where this idea for origami champagne boxes would thrive is in efforts to market the bubbly alcoholic beverage to a younger crowd. Millennials especially would appreciate the complexity and practicality of the portable design, selling more of this drink to typically peripheral consumers.