Celebrate National 'Drink Wine Day' with These Creative Flutes & Bottles

 - Feb 18, 2016
In honor of 'Drink Wine Day,' these unique bottles, wine glasses and champagne flutes add a special flare to the way consumers sip their vino. Changing the traditional packaging of wine is a great way for companies to reach their audience while showcasing their brand messaging.

Some of these creative ideas include billiard-style bottles, chalk-like label designs and alchemist-inspired containers. Other brands offer personalized branding options like Veuve Clicquot's Valentine’s Day bottles. These vino bottles come with stick-on letters, which consumers can use to create a special and personalized message for their significant other.

In addition, industry leaders are now offering single serve bottles, canned vino beverages and even snack-accompanied wine kits. No matter what type of vino consumers prefer, there is certainly a bottle or flute that will make one's celebration of Drink Wine Day that much more memorable.