These Painted Wine Labels Represent the Brand 'Blood. Sweat. Cheers.'

 - Dec 16, 2015
References: & packageinspiration
These painted wine labels were created by the 485 Design agency for the 'Blood. Sweat. Cheers.' vino collection. The wine was created as a gift for all employees working at the Ogilvy & Mather NZ group.

The painted wine labels look as though the top of the bottle had been dipped into a can of paint and placed upright to dry. There are lines of paint dripping down from the top of each bottle. The colors were selected to match the brand's identity and logo, which is red, white and gray.

The collection features three different wines in three differently colored bottles. Each bottle represents a term from the phrase "blood, sweat and tears." The anniversary gift is meant to reflect all of the hard work contributed by the Ogilvy & Mather NZ group's employees.