From Festive Mulled Champagne Cocktails to Java-Branded Christmas Wines

 - Dec 31, 2015
There is nothing lovelier than a nice cup of something warm to chase the chills away when cold weather hits -- which is where these delicious mulled wine ideas come in.

Mulled wine doesn't always have to be alcoholic, which is evidenced by variations including flavored teas. However, the boozy aspect is certainly appealing this time of year. Many choose to concoct wine-based cocktails, sometimes incorporating other liquor. This results in recipes for mulled champagne cocktails, festive frozen cocktail treats and DIY wine syrups to go on just about anything. This includes mulled wine flapjacks for a boozy breakfast. Whether you are going with store-bought varieties or making your own apple mulled wine hybrids, you can't go wrong with this traditional European libation.

There is also ample room to experiment with desserts when it comes to mulled wine ideas.