The Rainman Carafe Beautifully Pours and Aerates Wine

 - Sep 9, 2015
References: heathceramics & blessthisstuff
Pouring wine straight from the bottle is a faux pas for some would-be sommeliers, which is why the Rainman Carafe might be the perfect way for you to both serve and aerate your wine. Featuring a slender yet stunning design that's tall and crystal clear, the Rainman Carafe features a top opening for pouring in wine and a number of several, significantly smaller holes near the top for pouring.

When wine is poured out of the Rainman Carafe, the forcing of the beverage through the smaller holes helps to aerate and freshen wine meaning that not only does the product itself look beautiful, but will also help to ensure every glass tastes as good as possible.