From Absinthe-Flavored Coffee to Nordic-Inspired Kiwi Beers

 - Oct 10, 2015
The top October 2015 drinking trends showcase several new craft beer offerings as well as a variety of beverages that boast unconventional flavor-fusing profiles.

In a unique convergence of beverage industries, absinthe-flavored coffee infuses a rich ground coffee blend with anise and wormwood flavors. While it doesn't harbor the hallucinogenic qualities of absinthe itself, it is sure to amuse and delight serious fans of the black liquorice-like flavor profile.

In another unique mix of inspirations, the Nordic Kiwi Brewers is a microbrewery founded by two brothers that found themselves living in Sweden following a move from New Zealand. The results are a dynamic product line inspired by the brews of New Zealand but brewed with Nordic water.

The top October 2015 drinking trends speak to shifting consumer desires in regards to flavor profiles, proving that unconventional combinations are still a way to impress.