The 'Candea' Keeps Cyclists Hydrated and Illuminated

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: elite-it & gizmag
Biking at night can sometimes be hectic, especially with other riders or cars to worry about, so what better way to become more visible than the 'Candea' water bottle that also doubles as a light source?

The 'Candea' uses a waterproof LED light at its bottom to make the 650 ml bottle turn into a luminous water-filled lamp. Just attach it to your bike's water bottle holder and suddenly you can let your presence be known, while also making it known where you're going.

Made by Italian cycling company Elite, the two coin cell batteries that power the light can run for roughly 60 hours at time. The lights also come in three different settings including high visibility, an energy saving option that operates at 50 percent brightness and also a blinking mode.