These Wines Sport Labels That Visually Describe the Dirt They Came From

 - Sep 14, 2015
References: atipus & fastcodesign
Graphic design company 'Atipus' is no amateur when it comes to making creative wine labels. The company has previously created bacon-branded wine packaging that was inspired by the seasonal slaughter of the pig. This time, the Barcelona designers have created a unique label for Rojalet wines that make dirt look delicious.

'Rojalet' comes from the red soil where the wines grow, therefore, the graphic design company thought it would be appropriate to piggyback on the name of the wine to influence the label's design. The labels are reminiscent of the strata of soils. The younger wine's label has thicker, wavier and more colorful lines while the more aged wine has a calmer look, with a speckled black and white background and thin gold lines.

As many novice wine drinkers realistically choose their drinks by packaging, Atipus exemplifies how simplicity can often get the job done best.