BREWSTICKS' Liquid Coffee Concentrate Can Be Added to Hot or Cold Water

Considering that it takes hours upon hours to prepare a premium cold-brewed coffee, the notion of it being "instant" in any way seems almost absurd—but the liquid coffee concentrates from Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen are game-changers.

BREWSTICKS is essentially a cold-brewed liquid coffee concentrate that is packaged in portable single-serve packets. The formula is completely soluble and can be added to water that is hot or iced. Amazingly, the BREWSTICKS only need to be stirred to combine and no electricity or other gadgets are needed to prepare the cold version of these drinks. For those who like an intense hit of java, BREWSTICKS also suggests that the concentrate can be added to bottled drinks or poured over ice cream as a topping.

The all-natural, sugar-free, preservative-free coffee concentrates are offered in a range of fun flavors, including French Roast, Hawaiian Hazelnut, Crème Brûlée as well as the festive seasonal Santa's White Christmas variety.