From Convenient Iced Tea Kits to Tea-Infused Protein Beverage

 - Oct 14, 2016
These chilled tea innovations include bottled and DIY versions of drinks that include both summer and autumn favorites. While examples like mint-infused tea cocktails and organic tea popsicles are ideal for those looking to stay cool and refreshed during warmer months, other more unexpected standouts include chocolate iced tea blends and Thai iced teas that offer a more exotic and autumnal take on the traditional beverage.

Those looking to try a chilled tea with health benefits can invest in a probiotic or protein-enriched beverage like Blueprint Organic's naturally sourced juice and tea blends that energize while boosting one's metabolism and acting as a detoxifying agent.

Additional chilled tea innovations to take note of include convenient iced tea kits that make prep easier than ever and even meat-flavored cold tea blends that challenge traditional flavor profiles.