This Mango Iced Tea is Great For Your Health and For Your Taste Buds

 - Jun 23, 2015
References: wanderlust
Mango is a nutritional juggernaut of a fruit and is also incredibly delicious, particularly in summer, which is why it only makes good sense to incorporate it into a healthy and tasty mango iced tea. This tea utilizes mango puree and makes for a silky tropical delight.

To prepare this delicious mango iced tea, start by peeling and chopping a pair of medium-sized Alphonso mangoes, before adding to a blender and pureeing until smooth. Then add four cups of black tea -- lemon-infused black tea if possible -- and lemon juice as well as some sugar and blend again.

Serve your delectable mango iced tea in tall glasses with ice and garnish with mint for an extra touch of flavor and class. This mango iced tea is good for your immune system, concentration and whole lot more.