- Dec 24, 2015
While most ordinary teapots, teacups, steeping tools and infusers make great presents for tea drinkers, these creative tea gifts provide a way to enhance the drinking experience. Those who are seriously devoted to the art of making a great cup of tea will appreciate home appliances like the Tea-Ceré, which was specifically created for brewing matcha beverages.

There is a huge emphasis on the healthy benefits of drinking tea, but in order to catch the eyes of more than just health-conscious individuals, inventive products like green tea-infused coffee, wine-inspired tea and matcha desserts are emerging.

In addition to products that can be consumed, there are a number of tea-inspired gifts, such as bath soaks, eye care tea bags and tea-infused cosmetics from David's Tea.

From Tea-Preserving Boxes to Wine-Inspired Teas: